Satellite Symposia

Please see below for our 2017 satellite symposia opportunities.

*Payments up to $15,000 are allowed by credit card. You may continue at this time to complete selection and pay by credit card. If you prefer paying by check, please follow the below instructions.
*Payments above $15,000 are required by check. Please note this process below.

Check payment instructions

All companies paying by check require a coupon code before the order is confirmed. To receive this code, please mail full check payment to the ACHL address below. To finalize your selection and purchase, this code is required in the on-line payment screen of the C3 website. The payment code will be e-mailed by Laurie Novoryta to the company contact.

Make checks payable to: Aademy for Continued Healthcare Learning (Tax ID 26-1597894)
Mailing address: ACHL, Attn: C3/Laurie Novoryta, 1 North Franklin Street, Suite 1225, Chicago, IL 60606

If required by your company, an ACHL W9 is available for download here.

Symposia Fees
Symposium Price
Symposia: 60-minute Breakfast Symposium $25,000.00
Symposia: 60-minute Lunch Symposium $55,000.00
Symposia: 60 to 120-minute Dinner Symposium $55,000.00
Symposia: 60-minute Symposium during main program hours on June 27 or 28* $100,000.00
Symposia: 60-minute Symposium during main program hours on June 29 or 30* $75,000.00
*These opportunities take place during main program hours rather than during a meal. Rate variation is due to earlier conference days experiencing higher room attendance.
Full Day Symposia Fees
Symposium Price
Full-day Symposium: Tuesday, June 27 (1 slot available from 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM) $200,000.00
Special Symposium*: 60-minute Hands-on with Experts $45,000.00
Special Symposium*: 60-minute Meet the Expert $45,000.00
Full-day symposia provide companies with the opportunity to have an even stronger presence during the C3 Conference. Sponsoring company has the option to utilize 8 hours of content, which having a longer timeframe in which to share your message and touch on even more educational. Your target audience and a global list of faculty as potential speakers are already there! Before purchase, sponsoring company needs to advise Laurie Novoryta if there are requests for adjustments in start/end time, or for a shorter symposium length. These requests will be taken under consideration. Breakfast, lunch, and an all-day coffee break will be provided by C3 to symposia participants. F&B will be placed in the meeting foyer, and staffing will oversee that only symposia attendees are accessing.

*We are offering a new opportunity where companies have the option to sponsor a non-CME session covering either a hands-on or expert informational session. If doing a hands-on session, sponsor is responsible for all costs related to shipping and handling, electricity, and miscellaneous costs. Special symposia do not include any F&B

Symposia Package for non-CME Symposia

To promote your symposium, please create, print, and ship 1000 inserts (one or two-sided, up to 6”x9”) to the attention of Laurie Novoryta/C3 at Hilton Bonnet Creek, 14100 Bonnet Creek Lane, Orlando, FL 32821, between June 20-23. Design requires C3 approval prior to printing. These items will be included in the door drop bag, be available at our conference information desk, and be posted to the conference information board.

Food and beverage will be provided by C3 to symposia participants during breakfast, lunch, and dinner symposia. F&B will be placed in the meeting foyer, and staffing will oversee that only symposia attendees are accessing, in order to drive traffic to the exhibit hall during lunch. F&B is not included during mid-day symposia.

Sponsor Responsibility

CME and Non-CME Breaks

Due to ACCME guidelines, we adhere to 30-minute breaks between CME and non-CME sessions.

Selection and Payment

C3 assigns symposia dates and times, but sponsors may advise of preferences. Contact Laurie Novoryta to check availability. Concurrent sessions will occur. Payment is due by Wensday, May 31. If payment is not received, the slot can be released by C3 and reassigned.

If you are interested in supporting a symposium that is certified for CME/CE credit, please contact Laurie Novoryta no later than Friday, April 28, 2017. ACCME Policies and Standards for Commercial Support apply to all certified symposia.

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